Friday, May 13, 2016

Well I Never...

Well, at least this week I didn't end up shouting obscenities at Tory politicians on TV.  (Although it was a close run thing).  I have spent a fair amount of time shouting at other motorists, though, as, during the course of this humid and sticky week I've found myself variously cut up by idiots at junctions and nearly driven into by morons who don't seem to grasp the concept of right-of-way on roundabouts.  To be fair, I've had my moments of poor driving, too.  Yesterday, in particular, I found myself losing my concentration during a hot and humid afternoon, with near disastrous results.  But enough of my week, what's been happening in the real world?  Well, the last seven days has seen the news dominated by stories where we are supposed to be surprised by what they tell us about their subjects. David Cameron thinks that foreigners are corrupt?  Well, I never.  Or, that the Queen thinks that the Chinese are rude?  Well, fuck my hat, I never knew that!  I'm afraid that our ruling class' xenophobia and general disdain for 'foreigners', especially if they aren't white, is something that never changes.  Not that it's confined to the privileged idiots - it's really quite disturbing how easily large sections of the middle and working classes can be whipped up into an anti-immigrant fervour by the right wing press or rabble rousers like Nigel Farage.

Speaking of whom, ITV's decision to have UKIP leader Farage represent the 'Brexit' cause in a televised debate with Cameron has left the official Leave campaign spitting blood and one of it's 'leading lights', Boris 'The Buffoon' Johnson threatening the broadcaster with 'dire consequences'.  Of course, such 'consequences' are predicated upon Boris' fantasy of, firstly, the Leave campaigners winning the EU referendum, Cameron consequently resigning and a grateful Tory party electing Boris as leader and PM in his place.  Only then will he be in a position to do something or other to ITV.  Again, it's one of those stories supposed to surprise us: Boris is a nasty bastard - what a shocker!  Except that Boris the bully boy has form for this sort of thing, once trying to intimidate a journalist investigating one of his dodgy friends by threatening to arrange to have him beaten up.  Still, it makes a nice symmetry, doesn't it?  John Shittingdale intimidating the BBC on the one hand, Boris bullying ITV on the other.  Who says the Tory bastards aren't even handed?  

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