Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Black Day for Boris

Sometimes you think to yourself that you are going to create something that is just bound to offend someone.  Preferably the sort of someone you generally hate.  So, conceding defeat on the issue of amusing captions for yesterday's giant ant pictures, I instead came up with the above image and tweeted it with the caption 'Brexit Campaign's Reasoned Reaction to President Obama's Intervention'.  Hell, I thought, that's bound to set the web on fire and upset some right wing reactionary bastards.  In fact, I thought, it's the sort of thing that might just get me banned from Twitter.  Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, as I can never quite work up the moral courage to actually close down my account as I know I probably should because social media so winds me up.  So, getting banned would make the decision for me, relieving me of the burden.

So, I eagerly checked my Twitter feed this morning to see the shit storm I'd kicked up - however, the very fact that my feed was still up was a bad sign in itself.  To my dismay, there was no reaction to the picture at all.  Not even a single retweet.  For fuck's sake, what do you have to do to offend people these days?     I mean, half the world seems to spend at least half of their time being offended by something or other these days.  But give 'em something which not only implies that Boris Johnson is an outright racist, but also makes a satirical side swipe as to the imperialist overtones of the whole Brexit campaign and they just ignore it.  OK, I know that I only have a handful of followers and the chances of any of them either seeing the picture in their feeds, let alone retweeting it were pretty slim, but damn it, they could at least pretend to be offended, just to humour me, couldn't they?

Clearly, I'm just not cut out for this social media business.  Besides, what ever happened to the good old days of the web when you'd just post something on your blog or site and people would find it and share it through forums and emails and stuff?  I miss those days when it required minimal effort on your part to disseminate something, the days when search engines actually returned results based on relevance.  Now we have to waste all this bloody time tweeting stuff or sharing it on Facebook, (generally to little or no effect).  God, I'm getting old, aren't I?

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