Thursday, June 02, 2016

Another Day in the Kitchen

Well, the repainting of the kitchen is going well.  Now that I've finally skimmed all the really dodgy bits of wall and applied undercoat to the repaired areas, the actual painting is finally gathering pace.  I have to say that, even with only the first coat on in abut two thirds of the kitchen, it's looking better than I dared hope.  It still isn't very exciting, though.  The new paint also stinks to high heaven before it dries, (it's all the stuff they have to put into specialist kitchen paints to make them water and grease resistant), which means that I have vacate the kitchen once I've got a large area covered.  Now, if the weather was better, I'd just go out somewhere, but when it is overcast and threatening rain, I end up spending a lot of time on the news aggregator app on my tablet.  So I could tell you about all the horrendous murders, reporting of which seems to proliferate there.  Especially popular are sex murders involving some kind of perversion on the part of the killer - necrophilia or, at the very least, the implication of necrophilia seems to be particularly popular.  Also, anything involving dismemberment, especially if the victim is female, appears to be favoured.

If it isn't horrible murders, then it's showbiz gossip. with anything to do with Game of Thrones being particularly popular.  I've never watched it, but I now know that some bird got her kit off in a recent episode.  Quite why that is newsworthy, I don't know, as I've been given to understand that nudity is fairly commonplace in this series.  After all, Ian McShane did describe it as being 'only tits and dragons', and Count Arthur Strong had earlier characterised it as being 'all bare bums and dragons', indicating that female nudity is a running theme.  But right now, dominating the showbiz gossip are the allegations of domestic violence surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.  Speculation is rife as to who allegedly did what to whom.  Personally, I'm going to reserve judgement until the dust has settled on the divorce and other legal actions and we have more of the facts available.  I will say, though, that I was always somewhat puzzled as to why Amber Heard ever married Johnny Depp, as I'd been told that she was a lesbian, (the source of this information was my brother, so I really should have called it into question at the time).  I remember that this really threw me at the time - it's like Jodie Foster all over again, I recall thinking as I tried to get several fan letters back from the post box.  But enough of the trivia - there were some actual news stories on the app.  More often than not they concerned refugees - but only if they had recently drowned.  'Refugees successfully reach Europe' just doesn't cut it as a headline any more, I'm afraid.  It seems that we only want to hear about death.  On the largest scale possible.  Apart from that, it's whatever the latest lunacy and lies have been spouted by the warring factions of the Tory Party in the run up to the EU referendum. 

Hopefully, paint fumes permitting, I'll actually have something to write about tomorrow...



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