Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Imaginary Threats

I've no doubt that the Sun, Mail, Express et al will be demanding that security checks at Egyptian airports be upgraded after a passenger managed to board an internal flight with an imaginary bomb.  Using this non-existent device - apparently some kind of imaginary 'suicide belt' - the passenger was able to force the airliner's crew to fly to Cyprus.  So, just how could a passenger by pass all those stringent checks for firearms and explosives to smuggle such a potentially lethal imaginary non-explosive device aboard a flight?  After all, if one man can cause such mayhem with a single made up suicide belt, just think what chaos could have been caused if he'd walked into a crowded city centre imagining a dirty bomb!  It's a terrifying prospect and the authorities clearly need to crack down on these non-existent terror devices.  I mean, it isn't just this latest Egyptian hijacking, is it?  Belmarsh top security prison is full of Jihadist types who were found guilty at secret trials of plotting to do things with all sorts of explosives, guns and toxins that they didn't actually have, but the authorities imagined they might have been able to get hold of.

I know, I know - all those bleeding heart liberals have condemned this business of secret trials with the defendants not being able to hear the evidence against them, let alone what they are charged with, but if they are going to pose imaginary terror threats to the UK then imaginary justice is what they should expect.  But banging these bastards up isn't enough - we have to nip these imaginary terrorists and their make believe terror threats in the bud.  It's clearly the imagination bit which is the problem - they obviously all had their imaginations over-stimulated during childhood.  We need to deprive children of all forms of imaginative stimulation - ban books, TV, video games, the internet, crayons, from anyone under the age of eighteen.  Any child demonstrating imaginative tendencies should have them beaten out of them.  I know, it sounds cruel, but believe me, it's the only way we can be sure of being safe!

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Blogger Nasreen Iqbal said...

That's horrifying!

"Our top story tonight: An imnaginary terrorist walked into downtown and set off an imaginary bomb this afternoon. The destruction and death was worse than you can imagine. Imagine it!"

Since these things mostly feed off fear (on both sides) anyway, imaginary destruction and death would be as powerful as the real stuff.

1:57 am  

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