Monday, March 28, 2016

Sweating it Out

After a second consecutive night of literally sweating whatever the viral infection which had been ailing me out of my system, I awoke on Good Friday feeling great.  The best, in fact, that I've felt in weeks, if not months.  It's clear that this thing had been afflicting me for the better part of the year.  Unfortunately, you never realise just how ill you've been, until you are well again with these long-term sicknesses - you start yo accept feeling crappy as normal and start to assume that's how you've always felt.  For me, the contrast between how I was on Thursday and how I was on Friday is striking: if, only twenty four hours earlier, you had told me that I'd feel well enough to spend a large part of Good Friday in the garden, attempting to sow a new lawn, I'd have said that you were mad.  But, by Friday, all of the aches and pains had vanished, along with the shivering uncontrollaby and general lack of energy.  Also gone were the blocked sinuses and serious nasal congestion problems which had been afflicting me since the New Year.  For months now, every physical exertion has left me feeling drained of energy, but now I feel full of energy: working in the garden of Friday, for instance, would previously have left me feeling tired for the rest of the weekend, but instead, I came in from the garden with energy to spare and have continued to feel energised.

Mind you, I have to say that I'm currently not holding out much hope for that lawn I was trying to get going.  I know it is only early days, but since I sowed the seeds in the sunny warmth of Friday, the garden has been inundated with torrential rain and bombarded by huge hailstones, (I swear that they were the size of boulders), before last night's gale force winds swept through it.  Still, at least it means that I haven't had to water it for the past few days.  But what else should we expect from an Easter Bank Holiday weekend, especially when it comes this early?  The past few days weather, along with the forecast for the rest of the week, has left me feeling glad that I didn't book any time off from work this Easter, as I usually would.  Instead, I've got a week off next month, with more to follow in May.  With my my newly returned health and energy, I'll hopefully be able to make the most of these.  For this last day of the long bank holiday weekend, however, I took it relatively easy and caught up with a bit of the TV I'd recorded from last week, when I felt too ill to watch it.  It's just as well I'd recorded them, as the TV networks appear to have made no effort whatsoever over Easter, in terms of programming:  neither today nor Friday did they seem to want to make any concession, schedule-wise, to the fact that both were public holidays.  Except Channel Five, which, as it seems to do every bank holiday weekend, showed Anzio again, on Good Friday.    



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