Tuesday, February 03, 2015


So, it seems that Mrs Thatcher attempted to prevent the diplomat Peter Hayman's paedophile links from becoming publicly known, despite the fact that he was a potential security threat, due to his being potentially open to blackmail.  Ha!  I say.  Ha!  This would seem to vindicate my long held belief that Thatcher was at the centre of covering up that fabled high-level Westminster paedophile ring which supposedly included half the parliamentary Tory Party.  After all, she didn't just cover up for Hayman - she gave Jimmy Savile a knighthood!  Indeed, on the latter point she was apparently most insistent, despite attempts by advisors to dissuade her from awarding honours to the DJ due to the widespread rumours and allegations concerning his sex offending activities.  As I've mentioned before, Thatcher is the elephant in the room when it comes to these paedophile ring allegations - despite more and more evidence that she at least knew something about what was going on, not least that there were officials with paedophile interests in positions of authority, both the mainstream press and the crackpot conspiracy theorists seem reluctant to include her in their stories and theories.

They all skirt around the issue, happy to name and shame various Thatcher minions, such as Lord McAlpine or Leon Brittan, for alleged involvement either in actual abuse or the covering up of such abuse on the flimsiest of 'evidence', but they just don't seem to want to believe that dear old Maggie was involved.  Not even now that she's safely dead, so they can say what they like about her, without fear of litigation.  What spell does she hold over the right wing press and conspiracy nut jobs?  Apart from the fact that she's still the patron saint of the right wing (which includes the larger part of the conspiracy cranks), that is, and anything which called into question her immaculate holiness would bring their entire belief system tumbling down.  However, surely even they can't deny that her continued relationship with Savile is strange, to say the least.  OK, I know that Savile cosied up to many of the great and the good, including Prince Charles - but surely that should make the conspiracy cranks suspicious, as they've spent years alleging that most of Savile's famous friends are also part of the establishment paedophile ring.  But not Maggie, apparently.  She was blissfully ignorant of his true nature.  Except that it now transpires that she did know about Peter Hayman, but turned a blind eye.  Who's to say she didn't do the same for Savile.

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