Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daily Nudes

So, The Sun has finally caught up with the twenty first century and is putting its porn online instead of on page three of the print edition.  Setting aside, for one moment, all the arguments as to whether or not the topless models on page three objectified women, my problem with them, in recent years, has been that I'm not clear as to what purpose they served.  I mean, why does any self-respecting pervert need to buy a newspaper to look at pretty tame pictures of women baring their breasts, when they can see much, much more online - for free?  It's continued existence was just another example of how Britain's print media have failed to get to grips with the web.  Is it any wonder circulation of newspapers' print editions are in decline?  The Sun should have realised years ago that people don't want to see soft core porn in their newspaper - they want it in their browser and they want hard core. 

But 'lovers of the female form' - as closet sex pests like to call themselves - need not worry too much.  The Sun will continue to provide pictures of young women on page three - they'll just keep their breasts under wraps.  I can't help but suspect that The Sun will soon be offering a special gift to subscribers to its web site: a pair of glasses which, when worn by readers, will allow them to view the underwear-clad beauties on page three naked.  Not just bared breasts, but bared everything.  A quantum leap forward in smut delivery - full frontal nudity in a family newspaper!  But thanks to the glasses (available only to over eighteens) children won't be exposed to any of the smut!  Yes indeed, this could be the high tech future of page three! 

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