Thursday, January 15, 2015

Peeping Dave

That David Cameron - he's just obsessed with reading our e-mails, isn't he?  He'll use any excuse to try and bring in new laws to allow the authorities to snoop on our online activities, be it protecting children from online porn and peadophiles or the war on terror.  But we know the truth - he just wants to look at our private communications.  Quite what he thinks he'll find, I really don't know.  Perhaps he thinks that he'll find some links to that internet porn he seems equally obsessed by, (apparently you are simply assaulted by porn sites in search engine results, even child porn sites - which is true, if you keep putting 'porn' and 'child porn' into Google as search terms).   Or maybe he thinks that he'll find all of us nasty proles plotting revolution behind his back.  (Personally, I'm quite openly plotting it).  Whatever he's seeking, Dave has proclaimed that the authorities should be able to crack any form of encryption used online.  Which would, of course, make such activities as internet banking, which rely upon the complete security of the data being transferred, impossible.  But Dave doesn't care, just so long as he can read our e-mails.

Of course, it could just be that Cameron is one of those people convinced that everyone else is secretly having a better time than them.  I've known a lot of that sort, worked with a few of them, in fact.  When I worked in Whitehall some years ago, because I didn't live in London and nobody saw how I spent my time off, I had a number of colleagues who seemed think I was living a life of high excitement at weekends.  Nothing could have been further from the truth: I live a very mundane life and try to keep excitement out of my private life.  I've found that it isn't good for me.  I've also been guilty of making such assumptions myself about colleagues and have always ended up being proven wrong.  So perhaps Dave's life as Prime Minister is just so dull and uneventful that he feels the need to live vicariously through other people's lives by spying on their online activities and reading their e-mails.  I fear that he'll be disappointed and find that most people just live ordinary lives. Then again, that might be what he's seeking - yearning for those pre Downing Street days when he was just an ordinary millionaire PR man living a carefree simple life.  Whatever Dave's reasons for wanting to look at our e-mails, none of them seem to justify such a gross invasion of our privacy - get a life Dave! 

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