Thursday, January 01, 2015

A New Year

Well, that got the New Year off to the best possible start: Spurs thrashing Chelsea 5-3.  Let's just hope that things continue in this positive vein, not just for Spurs, but more generally.  It's probably too much to ask that in the next twelve months I'll finally find alternative employment, as my current situation has been the single biggest cause of grief in my life during 2014, but I can at least start seeking potential alternatives.  But, as ever, New Year or not, I'm refusing to make any resolutions - they are a recipe for disaster.  Either you lose sight of everything else in your life in pursuit of unrealistic resolutions, or  you end up causing yourself grief over your failure to achieve them.  So, no New Year's resolutions.  Another New Year's tradition I've been avoiding are New Year's sales.  For one thing the bargains on offer are rarely that good - if you wait long enough you'll find the same stuff on sale at lower prices within a few months.  For another thing, I really couldn't be arsed to go shopping today - I went out to buy a newspaper and the taste of the weather that gave me was more than enough to confirm that I'd rather spend the day at home crashed out on the sofa.  Judging by the lack of people about, my feelings were shared by the majority of other Crapchester residents.

Well, that's just about all I have to say on the subject of the New Year.  Hopefully, something like normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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