Monday, December 22, 2014


So, the answer turned out to be Sammy Davis Jr.  The question being what it would take for me to start feeling seasonal.  I know that he's been dead for nigh on twenty years, but BBC4 had an evening devoted to him last night.  After spending the better part of the weekend sweating in bed or shivering on the sofa as I worked my way through the cold which hit me for six on Friday, it was a real relief to see Sammy doing his stuff.  Not that any of the archive footage of him had any actual festive connection, but I always tend to associate Sammy and the Rat Pack with Christmas TV screenings of their movies back in my childhood.  I always liked Sammy best out them all - he was a class act, just oozing talent and charisma.  He also did a Hell of a lot for the civil rights movement back in the sixties.  But the essential point here is that he has now managed to stir the embers of my Christmas spirit, just as it had reached its lowest ebb, (I'm not sure if that analogy makes any sense, but what the heck, this is my blog and its Christmas, so I'll mix whatever metaphors I like).

As you've doubtless gathered, I've recovered somewhat from that infernal cold - most of the symptoms have vanished, (although since about half past five this afternoon I've unaccountably started suffering coughing fits again), leaving me feeling exhausted.  My sense of taste is beginning to return to normal - over the weekend I might as well have been eating cardboard - and my temperature seems to have normalised.  Whilst this recovery is gratify, it came at the cost of sacrificing pretty much the whole weekend to fighting this infection.  Which means that I've had to abandon a lot of my plans for this week.  I was, for instance, hoping to slip another seasonally-themed story into The Sleaze before Christmas, but I just don't have time to write it now.  An attempt to revive 'The Sleazecast' with a seasonal special has also been abandoned and I have reams of video footage of local Christmas lights still waiting to be edited into a film.  This latter project is the only one I have any hopes of salvaging.  As well as being the now traditional look at the 'Lights of Crapchester', it will also likely be the last of our 'Monthly Movies' - I had something else planned for that, but the way I'm feeling right now, I doubt that I'll have the energy to put it together. 

One thing this bout of illness has taught me is that I can't keep on ignoring the encroaching years: I just don't have the stamina and energy I used to - even recovering from a cold has exhausted me.  I have to face the fact that I'm actually going to have to slow down with regard to creating content for The Sleaze, rather than just talking about slowing down, then upping my rate of output.  My body just can't take all the burning of candles at both ends required to maintain that output and do a full time job.  I'm convinced that the tiredness engendered by this lifestyle contributed to making me vulnerable to this cold.  Things are going to have to change.



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