Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Prescription Extremism

You have to wonder at some of the drugs currently being prescribed by Doctors, don't you? I mean, just look at the case of that UKIP candidate who has had to stand down after that recording of him making homophobic and racist comments emerged. Apparently it was all down to some pain killers he'd been prescribed - they'd caused a complete personality change, he reckoned. Jesus! You'd think stuff like that would be banned, wouldn't you? Then again, maybe it is - perhaps he just went to a dodgy GP. I think we really need to know if the medic who prescribed these so-called 'pain killers' was called Dr Jekyll? Was it actually some new form of his fabled elixir that he'd distilled into tablet form? (To be fair, if it was Dr Jekyll, then he'd likely be the great-great grandson, or something of the original, so they could have added their own twists to the potion). After all, how else can we explain a medical treatment which apparently turns the person taking it into a slavering beast, spewing racist and homophobic bile?

But really, what does the government propose to do about these rogue mad scientists masquerading as GPs to experiment on unwitting patients? How many more innocent politicians are going to be subjected to the ordeal of uncontrollable personality changes forcing them to do and say horrendous things that no normal human being would do or say? It makes you think, though - what dodgy medication is Boris Johnson on? Was Iain Duncan Smith a reasonable, compassionate individual, who was kind to the poor, children and cats, before being prescribed a new powerful 'decongestant' by his dodgy GP? Could it be that what passes for George Osborne's economic 'policy' is the result of a course of laxatives he was prescribed five years ago? What other credible explanations could there be for such bizarre patterns of behaviour? Stop these rogue mad doctors now!

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