Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Walk by The Sea

The penultimate entry in the 'Monthly Movie' project, November's movie utilises some beach footage I shot back in September to experiment with some new video editing software I've acquired.  As you can see, the main feature I've played with is split screen, allowing me to simultaneously present several alternate takes of the same scene.  I wasn't sure exactly how well this would come over in a smaller viewing window, but I think it looks OK.

Although it doesn't look it, the original footage was shot on one the sunniest days of my holiday, although, thanks to the strong wind, people were wrapped up as if it were winter.  As a point of interest, the actual walk part of the film is at the same location as the very first film - 'A Walk on the Beach' - that I ever posted here, several years ago.  So, there you have it, another 'Monthly Movie'.  Incredibly, we only have one more to go before the project is completed.  I know that nobody actually watches these (go fuck yourselves, see if I care) but I've found it an interesting experiment.  So there.

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