Monday, February 02, 2015

The Sexecutioner

Following another round of hostage beheadings by ISIS, the question raises itself as how best to respond to such executions.  One thought raised in discussion of the issue this weekend was that the Jordanian government should have responded to the execution of one of its pilots held captive by ISIS by executing any ISIS prisoners it held.  However, responding to barbarism with more barbarism is surely not the answer.  Perhaps instead of executing ISIS prisoners, the Jordanian (and other governments) should consider 'sexecuting' them?  Bearing in mind the fundamentalists' aversion to homosexuality, maybe the best response to ISIS beheadings would be bugger all ISIS prisoners senseless.  Such an act would be so humiliating for them that it would be safe to release them afterwards, as their felloe fundamentalists would never accept them again, seeing them as 'tainted' by homosexuality.

Of course, all of this assumes that the Jordanians (who aren't keen on homosexuality themselves), would be able to find sufficient 'sexecutioners' prepared to carry out the deed.  After all, they wouldn't actually have to be gay to be giving another bloke one from behind.  Besides, it wouldn't actually be a sexual act - the perpetrator wouldn't be expected to gain any pleasure from their buggering.  Other than the pleasure of knowing that they were fighting terrorism, of course.  Maybe the Jordanians could just bring in someone outside for the job - a 'sexecutioner' wearing a black hangman's mask who has the stamina to single handedly bugger every ISIS prisoner.   The more I think about it, the more this sounds like one of those 1970s men's adventure paperback series like 'The Destroyer' or 'Nick Carter' - over hundred plus volumes the black masked and trouserless 'Sexecutioner' could travel around the world buggering terrorists, mafia gangsters, commies and Nazis...



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