Thursday, February 05, 2015

Hot and Cold Non Running Water

My stress levels have gone through the roof this week.  On top of some work-related nonsense which saw me making a ninety mile round trip to an address that didn't exist on Monday evening, Tuesday saw water start dripping through my kitchen ceiling.  A frantic search for the source of the leak saw me tearing off the side of the bath to check the pipework which runs underneath it, before I finally had to reluctantly concede that it was my hot water cylinder which was leaking.  Again.  Less than ten years ago I had to replace the cylinder when the old one (which was in the house when I'd bought it - and it was nowhere new then) started leaking through the kitchen ceiling.  Clearly, the new cylinder, which is less than ten years old, shouldn't have sprung a leak so soon.  According to the plumber I finally got round today, the problem most likely stems from the guy who fitted the new cylinder over tightening the immersion heater housing - this stressed the copper around it, weakening the metal and making a leak inevitable. 

The new plumber has carried out some remedial work, applying a metallic sealant to the damaged area on the cylinder. There's no guarantee it will work, but he reckons that he's had positive results on similarly damaged cylinders in the past.  In order to apply it, he's had to drain the cylinder (which had the immediate effect of stopping the dripping in the kitchen), which means, until the sealant sets overnight, I've no hot water.  (I do have central heating as my hot water system is set up to allow the central heating circuit to be isolated from the cylinder).  He's coming back tomorrow to see whether the repair has worked.  If it has, great.  If it hasn't, then I'm looking at the expense of another new cylinder.  It's only February and already the year is throwing curve balls at me.  Coming on top of the damage to the roof and the damp problems in the front bedroom caused by that ivy blocking my guttering, this is really testing my resolve.  I still haven't got anywhere close to repairing all the damage caused by the earlier incidents and now I have yet more water damage to deal with in the kitchen.  Consequently, my house is looking even more shambolic than usual and I'm feeling pretty down, as I face the seemingly Herculean task of setting everything right.  I could do without all this shit.



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