Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Walk Amongst the Tombstones

Another film. Sort of. It's actually a slide show of some photos I took with my new camera in a country graveyard. I know, it sounds a bit morbid, but I like graveyards. Not only are they very peaceful places, ideal for quiet contemplation, but they provide us with a sober reminder of our own mortality. Which is no bad thing - we all need reminding from time to time that our lives are finite, and that every moment should be treasured. But enough of the cod philosophy, on with the film:

The white cross that can be seen part way through carries the badge of the Royal Flying Corps. Sadly, the writing on the tombstone below it is badly eroded and illegible, so I have no idea who lies there, or when they died - whether they were a pilot who died in the First World War, or a former Flying Corps member who survived and died peacefully many years later. As with all such things, his story has long since passed from public memory - as will all of ours, eventually. The double grave, with the two tombstones set into a common stone base is also of interest - the tombstone of the right marks the last resting place of Lord Allenbrook. He was a famous World War Two general. Look him up. Even the mighty can also fade from living memory. Anyway, despite sounding a bit gloomy, it was actually a very pleasant walk!

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