Monday, July 12, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil?

I know it's only Monday, but I'm starting the ranting early this week. Let's kick off with that idiot in Northumbria who shot himself after terrorising the North East for what seemed an eternity. Unbelievably, there seems to have been a wave of sympathy for the bastard over the past few days. In the town where killed himself, local residents have apparently been placing flowers on the spot where he blew his head off. Most bizarrely, I heard some woman on the radio going on about how this Raoul Moat character was 'misunderstood', a 'gentle giant' who had been pushed over the edge. Not that she'd known him, but 'we all do and say things we shouldn't when we're put under pressure.' What is the matter with you, I thought, are you fucking stupid, or something? This pillock wasn't 'misunderstood' - he was a demented idiot with a gun who threatened to kill every police officer he saw, simply because, wrongly, he thought his ex girlfriend was now shacked up with a copper. He subsequently extended his threats to include the wider public. There's nothing 'misunderstood' about that. Oh, and he didn't just 'do and say' a few bad things, he fucking well shot people! Let's not forget he seriously wounded the ex girlfriend, apparently to teach her a lesson, killed her current partner and may well have blinded a police officer.

But, of course, we should save all our sympathy for the perpetrator. According to his brother, at least. Moat was 'executed', apparently. I can't say that I've ever heard of an 'execution' where the 'victim' shoots themselves. For God's sake, let's not lose sight of the fact that Moat was just another pumped up mach moron. The type of bully boy you can see swaggering around just about every estate in Britain, intimidating their neighbours, bellowing at strangers over perceived 'slights' and 'lack of respect' and treating their wives/girlfriends and children as property. Even when they're no longer with their women, they still seem to think they have the right to control their lives. They're the 'big men' who resent any form of authority, but still want to use threats and violence to establish their 'supremacy' over their 'manors'. In short, another pathetic loser. A loser undeserving of any sympathy. Really, has our world so lost sight of its values that murderous oafs like Moat are now held up as some kind of downtrodden folk heroes? Believe me, there's nothing admirable about being a bully and a cowardly killer of people who can't defend themselves. The people trying to canonise this evil bastard should be ashamed of themselves.

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