Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Another Landmark

Another landmark missed, it seems. I'm referring, of course, to the fact that this blog apparently passed the nine hundred post mark a while ago. (It was the Wacko Jacko post, for what it's worth). How do I keep coming up with cobblers to reach these targets, eh? It's not easy, I'll tell you that. Actually, just when I feared I was running out of steam, I seem to have found a second wind, creatively speaking. The past couple of stories over at The Sleaze have been developed from posts here, and I'm pretty confident that the previous post will go the same way. It's been quite a while since I've had that good a hit rate! Not that having a constant stream of original material seems to do you any good as far as Google is concerned these days. In fact, it's become a mystery to many of us exactly what does get you organic search results from Google these days. As far as my long mooted rebuilding of The Sleaze around a CMS is concerned, it is progressing very slowly. After being hampered by a series of IT-related problems, I'm currently trying to get to grips with the minutiae of coding Wordpress themes. It's pretty tedious.

Whilst we're doing admin type things, I'd just like to reiterate my policy on comments. All comments here are moderated. This is to stop spammers and jerks from posting their crap on my blog. Not that the prospect of moderation seems to deter them. Within twenty four hours of posting anything here, I usually find a comment posted. These always turn out to be anonymous, to contain either no intelligible text, or be in a language other than English, and include links to highly dubious websites which have no relevance to the post or this blog. Guess what? I delete them. Any one of the things I just mentioned will get your comment deleted, even if you aren't a spammer. So remember, if you want to make a genuine comment here, you can't do it anonymously, it must be relevant to the post, it cannot contain links of any kind, and it must be in English. I have a funny feeling, though, that nobody is going to take any notice of those guidelines, and that I'm going to have to continue deleting spam comments. Trust me, you'll get tired before I do!



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