Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stalked by the Banks

So, let's resume the ranting. This time let's turn our attention to the banks. Now, I'm not talking about 'the banks' in the 'evil bastards who wrecked the economy' sense. Nor am I going to bang on about the obscene level of bonuses they're still giving themselves. No, I'm just interested in your common-or-garden high street banks. To be precise, my bank. I've mentioned before the number of unsolicited phone calls I get, none of which leave a message on the answer phone and which usually also conceal their numbers. Well, a letter I received the other day has offered an explanation for at least some of these calls. Said letter was from the bank, explaining that they were having difficulty in contacting me about all their wonderful offers, and inviting me to provide them with an e-mail address! It's like having a crazy stalker. That said, it is notable that, since receiving this letter, the phone calls have ceased.

Whilst the respite from the cold calling is welcome, the letter highlights one of my pet hates - utilities which seem to think that they have some sort of 'relationship' with you. What the bank can't seem to grasp is that I'm not remotely interested in their 'offers'. Our 'relationship' is simple, they look after my money in my current and deposit accounts. That's it. I don't want, or need, anything more. The only regular contact I want with them are my monthly bank statements. I don't want them to move in with me, or have my children, or get married, or anything like that. Finance really doesn't interest me, so those fancy accounts and products which will allegedly pay you tons of interest, just so long as the financial sector doesn't collapse, are no good to me. It isn't just the banks. My mobile phone company is just as bad, forever sending me texts about this or that offer. Again, I'm just not interested. The primary function of my mobile is to allow me to call the AA if my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Just bloody leave me alone!



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