Monday, March 20, 2006

Dream Number Nine...

After that last ill-tempered post, let's get away from ranting impotently about this government, and get back to the subject of my dreams. Specifically, let's talk about that dream (nightmare, really) that I had about John Lennon. I dreamt that he hadn't died back in 1980, but had survived to become a grey-haired pensioner, wearing a turtle-neck sweater, presenting 'Songs of Praise' for the BBC on Sunday evenings. There he was, in a high-backed leather armchair introducing the likes of 'Onward Christian Soldiers' and 'Morning has Broken', whilst a blue-rinsed Yoko interviews various worthies from whichever local church the programme is coming from. It all climaxed with John getting his guitar out and strumming along to 'Abide With Me' sung by the local school choir to the tune of 'Working Class Hero', whilst Yoko shouts "Number Nine!" in the background...

Scary stuff, but it does raise the question of what Lennon would be doing now, if he were still alive. Would he, in his sixties, still be leading anti-war protests? Would he be denouncing the warmongering of Tony Blair and decrying his education 'reforms'? Or would he have sold out and accepted that knighthood, or even peerage, from Blair? Would he be appearing on 'Grumpy Old Men' moaning about modern pop music, or would he still be at the cutting edge of youth culture, dabbling in dance music or rap (maybe providing guest vocals on 'The Streets' next album, duetting with Eminem, a la Elton John, or remixing 'Imagine' with a dance beat) ?

Perhaps we'll get some clues if that US TV programme ever manages to contact his spirit. But somehow, I doubt it!



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