Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Over Committed

I frequently regret committing myself to do things, particularly when the commitment is made to myself.  I just hate letting myself down.  Right now, I fear that I've over-committed myself to myself with regard to Halloween.  As my regular reader(s) might recall, I sort of committed myself to writing a series of horror movie related posts here for Halloween.  Well, I've managed a couple, but the final one, scheduled for Halloween itself, well, I haven't even gotten around to watching the bloody film yet.  Scheduling its viewing is becoming a real problem.  Mainly because I've also committed myself to producing a seasonally-themed podcast for the Overnightscape Central, not to mention coming up with a vaguely supernatural-themed story for The Sleaze for publication on 31 October.  Now, the podcast is just about complete, only awaiting uploading, but the story I haven't started yet.  Indeed, I have only the vaguest of ideas for it, so far.  But whatever idea I pursue for it, the story will have to be written tomorrow evening, when I get back from work.  Which leaves me little time to watch that film.

Anyway, to get back to the story idea: so far all I have is the idea of people being trolled by the spirit world.  You know the sort of thing - ouija boards spelling out that one of the participants is fat, or the spirits at seances commenting unfavourably on the fashion sense of the participants.  Pretty thin, but it's all I've got.  I did have the idea of presenting it in the format of a 'problem page', a follow up to the one I did a while ago about the reader having problems with their pyrotechnic abilities, with 'The Rev' giving advice.  But who knows.  I'll have to think some more about it.  Of course, if I had any sense, I'd simply 'forget' that I'd ever made these commitments and quietly drop some of them.  After all, nobody but me would know in the case of the podcast and the story.  But, like I said, I hate letting myself down, so I'm just going to have to plough on and somehow schedule watching that movie in somewhere, (luckily, it is pretty short).  We'll just have to see if I can it all done in time.



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