Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Out of the Mouths of Islamaphobes

So, the appeasement of the fat fascist by those who would be our next Prime Minister continues.  Once again, we have Foreign Secretary Jeremy Cunt, (yeah, I know it's childish, but it apparently really pisses him off), toadying to Trump over the tub of lard's latest Tweet disparaging London Mayor Sadiq Khan, telling us that he agrees with it 'one hundred and fifty per cent'.  Now, quite apart from the sickening sight of a senior British politician joining with a foreign politician in insulting the elected mayor of our capital city, this statement is problematic for other reasons.  Namely that Trump's tweet was quoting the despicable Katie Hopkins, generally considered a right wing extremist who will say just about anything in the name of self-publicity, and included clearly anti-Islamic bigotry.  We hear a lot from the right (not to mention those self-righteous Tory lick spittles and right wing extremist enablers the so called 'Liberals') about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, will we now hear them condemning the Tories, and most specifically Cunt, for their naked Islamaphobia?  Fat chance.  (On a related note, just why are so many people trying to paint Cunt as some kind of Tory moderate?  Have we forgotten already his dismal and disgraceful record as Health Secretary?)

But let's look more closely at what Trump seemed to be trying to say about Sadiq Khan, namely that he is personally responsible for the spate of murders in London over the weekend.  Which is a rather curious implication.  After all, being some kind of vigilante, fighting street crime across the metropolis isn't actually an elected official's job - it's the police's job.  And the size and scope of activities undertaken by the Metropolitan Police is dictated by its budget - which isn't dictated by the Mayor of London, but rather the Home Secretary, (currently Cunt's fellow Tory leadership hopeful, Sajid Javid).  So surely, to follow the 'logic', the Home Secretary should be held personally responsible for every crime committed, not just in London, but across the whole UK, shouldn't he?  In fact, if you think about it, then the sack of shit currently occupying the White House must be personally responsible for all those school massacres and other shootings they've been having in the US since he seized power, mustn't he?  I'm well aware that, of late, I've become ever angrier and abusive when talking of these bastards, but I'm afraid that I've run out of patience - we're lurching toward a very dangerous political situation indeed.  Damn it, we've got candidates to become leader of a minority government talking about suspending parliament to force Brexit because, God forbid, Parliament disagrees with them and they don't have a majority to counteract it!  This isn't just unconstitutional and demonstrative of a willful refusal to understand how a parliamentary democracy works, but it is the kind of talk one would expect from the tinpot dictators of banana republics.  Dangerous days - it is time to stand up and be counted and to start calling these fascists out for what they are.

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