Monday, June 03, 2019

Fascists Galore

So, its Summer at last - June marking the start of meteorological Summer.  Which is good enough for me - I have no truck with those who try to claim that the early part of June is still Spring.  I'm afraid that, when it comes to seasons, I'm old school: Summer is  June to August, Autumn starts in September and ends with the end of November, while Winter runs from December to February, with Spring occupying March, April and May.  In the northern hemisphere, at least.  But it has been an inauspicious start to Summer, with Trump arriving in the UK on has state visit.  Which means several days of me shouting and swearing at the TV every time the news come on and I have to see that arrogant fat fascist and his crooked family swanning around London and schmoozing with Royalty.  I've already bellowed 'Nazi!' at the screen.  It really isn't good for my blood pressure.  But I don't know what's worse: Trump and his entourage lording it in the UK or the various UK right-wing politicians fawning over them.  Damn it, we've already seen Jeremy Cunt, who is apparently the Foreign Secretary, although you'd never know it, refusing to condemn Trump's comments about Sadiq Khan.  Is this what we've come to, government ministers effectively joining in with a foreign fascist in calling the elected Mayor of London a 'stone cold loser', amongst other things?

But really, here in the UK we seem to be Hell bent on following a political trajectory that can lead to only one destination: fascism.  I'm beginning to despair, as people blindly idolise bone fide fascists like Nigel Farage and Boris 'The Fat Fucker' Johnson.  That the latter is somehow seriously considered the potential saviour of the Tory party - which has withered from being a broad based right of centre political party with mass membership to an increasingly reactionary and insular extreme right clique - and next Prime Minister is, to be frank, terrifying.  Johnson is entirely self serving, an arrogant egotist and opportunist who thinks that it is his 'manifest destiny' to be PM - never mind the fact that he has demonstrated over and over that he hasn't either the intellect or ability to do the job, let alone a coherent political philosophy.  His lack of any kind of morality, as demonstrated by his private life and his involvement in a plot to beat up a journalist who had exposed the criminal activities of an associate, should also raise question marks with regard to his suitability to hold any public office. Oh yes, then there's the small matter of that upcoming court case, where he faces charges of malfeasance in public office with regard to the lies he told during the EU referendum.  But you know the worst thing about Boris fucking Johnson?  He's been endorsed by Trump, in yet of another of his attempts to interfere in UK domestic politics.  Bearing in mind Trump's public unpopularity in the UK, that surely should destroy Johnson's prospects.  But oh no, the idiots still all fawn over him - 'Oh, he's Boris, he's so comical, isn't he? '  No, he's a fascist thug and if you support him you are an idiot.

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