Monday, April 15, 2019

Nazis by Any Other Name

So, it's 'outrageous' for Labour MP David Lammy to refer to the European Research Group (ERG) faction of the Tory party as Nazis.  Strangely, I don't seem to recall the same media getting all worked up about this responding in the same way when numerous right-wing Tories (including a minister) referred to Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite and a Marxist.  For far too long the right have been allowed to get away with sort of mud-slinging unscathed, it is about time that the left started responding in kind: the opprobrium which as greeted Lammy's comments (and, to his credit, he has stuck to his guns) simply serves to underline the hypocrisy of the British press.  With the Tories increasingly becoming a haven for the extreme right, effectively legitimising political views considered, for decades, beyond the pale, it isn't unreasonable to employ the term fascist, or even Nazi, to describe them.  (And let's not forget that the Tories' economic policy of austerity has helped create the very conditions in which fascism thrives).  Indeed, the whole rise of the neo-fascists in recent years is something we really should be extremely concerned about.  But with the press dominated by the right, all we'll get is dangerous complacency.

But getting back to Lammy's equation of the ERG with Nazis, there's certainly some physical resemblances with regards to individual members.  I mean, with those round glasses and pre-war style suit, all Jacob Rees-Mogg needs is one of those long leather overcoats to complete the Himmler-look.  Then there's Mark Francois, who could easily double for fellow fat bastard Hermann Goering.  Although, to be fair to the former head of the Luftwaffe, Goering was considerably less right-wing than Francois.  There, you see, I've just made direct comparisons between two ERG members and Nazi war criminals - it wasn't that outrageous, was it?  Nobody got hurt, the world didn't end, just as it doesn't when the Tory bastards call anyone on the left a 'Red', a 'Trot' or a 'Commie'.  The Tories really need to stop being such cry babies - they're the ones who started the name callin but, as ever, they just can't take it when the tables are turned.  Besides, if they don't want to be called Nazis, then they should stop cosying up to the extreme right, whether that be by grouping together with them in the European Parliament, or retweeting their bile, (yes I mean you Herr Himmler, sorry, Mr Rees-Mogg).



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