Thursday, March 21, 2019

Bunker Mentality

It's like the last days of the Third Reich, isn't it?  Brexit, that is. I know that we're meant to say that it is like the fall of the Roman Empire, because Nazi Germany is, apparently, a 'lazy metaphor'.  Not to mention offensive.  Well, go ahead and be offended.  Then fuck off.  The Third Reich analogy is better: we've got a deranged leader devoid of any authority beyond their bunker (or Number Ten, take your pick), barking out orders to armies (or political parties) that exist in name only and is constantly addressing the nation, telling us how the current chaos isn't their fault.  Is it too much to hope that May completes the analogy by shooting herself?  I know, I know - offensive and bad taste, but I just don't care anymore: May has chained herself to her vision of Brexit and is effectively putting a gun to our heads, telling us either we accept that or she's going for full on 'No Deal' Brexit and taking us all with her and to Hell with the consequences.  Really, it's her or us.  Sadly, I can't see anybody in her cabinet having the backbone to organise the equivalent to the 'General's Plot' and arrange for someone horribly mutilated by Brexit to blow her up.  Mind you, knowing our luck, she'd follow the analogy again and miraculously survive.

But really, is it any surprise that I should be obsessed with Third Reich analogies when the entire language and imagery of Brexit has, of late, itself been permeated with war like metaphors?  Every where you look, that 'blitz spirit' is being invoked with regard to the possibility of 'No Deal', or some twat of a Brexiteering Tory MP is going on about how his father stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.  That's not to mention all the talk of 'Brexit Bunkers', where we'll have to hide when the European hordes are at the gates.  It's a pretty crap, low budget movie-type, version of the Third Reich, I know.  But at the centre of it all is a pretty crap Fuhrer substitute: that paragon of incompetence, Theresa May.  Should we be surprised that someone who was a barely adequate Home Secretary has turned out to be an utterly inadequate Prime Minister?  Certainly, her disregard for established procedures and protocols was evident when she was in charge of the Home Office, as was her propensity to deny responsibility for her (frequent) mistakes.  Her contempt for the parliamentary process and the principles of representative democracy - an attitude which surely should disqualify her from holding any high office - has been evident from the outset of her disastrous tenure as Premier, with her attempts to prevent Parliament from having any say in the Brexit process.  But hey, enough of my periodic political ranting - I really must get back to the schlocky pop culture stuff...



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