Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Send the Buggers Back!

OK, I'm still getting my head around this white supremacist terrorist who goes to New Zealand from Australia and murders fifty local Muslims because he thinks there is too much immigration.  Clearly not strong on logic.  But maybe there's something in the idea that immigration causes all of our current problems.  No, hold on, I'm not turning into some kind of Nazi.  Bear with me here.  I'm sure that, to take the case of New Zealand, that the Maoris have been saying for centuries now that there's been nothing but trouble there since all those European immigrants arrived there.  It was only a few at first, but then they swamped the place and started breeding - before anyone knew they'd taken all the jobs and were building their bloody churches everywhere.  Before they knew it, the Maoris where in the minority and their culture relegated to a tourist attraction.  I think that it is high time the Maoris started a campaign to 'take back their country', telling all the white people that it was 'time they went home' to Europe.  The Aborigines in Australia should do the same thing - after all, they've got it even worse, forced by successive waves of white immigration into the shittiest bits of their own country.

Of course, the most obvious place for such a campaign would be in the US, where Native Americans have been shabbily treated by those bloody immigrants.  Not only did the whites wipe out their buffalo, expose them to new diseases and steal their women, not to mention their land, but they've essentially trashed the place, ransacking its natural resources and poisoning the land with industrial pollution.  Surely it's time for them to go back to their own countries?  In fact, if I were a Native American, I'd be advocating building a wall down both coasts to try and stop any more of the bastards from getting in.  'Palefaces go home!'  That should be their slogan.  It isn't as if those white immigrants did anything to integrate themselves - they made no attempt to adopt local cultures and customs, let alone the language.  They didn't even try to change their names to sound more like locals:  nobody went from Dick Scratcher to Little Scratching Cock upon arriving in America, for instance.  The refusal to change their names is also relevant in the UK: you'd have thought the likes of Nigel Farage and Mark Francois, rabid Brexiteers both, would have had the decency to Anglicise their surnames.  Especially Farage, which is a Huguenot name, marking him out as the descendant of refugees.  Well, his ancestors might well have been able to claim asylum from religious persecution, but the Huguenots aren't being persecuted in France anymore, so it's time, surely, for him to go home.  Either that, or change his offensively foreign name.  Yeah, send the buggers back!

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