Monday, March 18, 2019

Crowd Funding Fanatics

My increasing desire to give up work, (or at least, my current employment), is taking me down some interesting avenues.  As I've mentioned before, I've all manner of activities I'd rather be doing than working, but that nobody is ever likely to pay me to do them.  It turns out that you don't actually have to find some way to monetise one's hobbies, instead, you apparently can instead get publicly funded for indulging one's interests.  No, really, you can.  Well, if you are a right-wing scumbag whose 'hobbies' include shouting abuse at pro-Remain MPs or organising anti-immigration demonstrations/riots, that is.  It has been brought to my attention that a number of said extremists actually finance their activities via  online crowd funding sites.  They argue that all the important political activities they indulge in - putting bricks through the windows of Jewish-owned shops, fire bombing mosques, harassing ethnic minorities - makes it impossible for them hold down full-time jobs.  Well, that and the fact that simply being right wing bastards makes them effectively unemployable.  Instead, they appeal to their supporters and sympathisers for funds to live on via crowd funding.

And, it seems, it works.  There are enough neo Nazi shits out there with more money than sense out there to support some of these scumbags.  So, to get to the elephant in the room, (it's blocking my view of the television right now), why don't I just set up a crowd funding page with the aim of getting sufficient money to stop working?  I mean, asking people to give me money because I'm basically tired of working and would rather spend my time playing with my model railway, watching and reviewing obscure films and writing shit and stuff, is surely a more tempting proposition for potential funders than saying I want cash so that I can be a full time Nazi, isn't it?  I ask you, who would you rather give your money to: me, or some fascist thug?  I'd say that it was no contest.  Not, of course, that it will happen.  I'm afraid that the sad truth is that hate sells.  Why else do you think there is so much Nazi paraphernalia for sale out there?  The kind of people who buy it are the same people who crowdfund Nazi agitators: fanatics.  Sadly, there aren't so many lovers of exploitation films and model railways out there with the same level of fanaticism.  Moreover, even if there were, they'd be competing with me for crowd funding to pursue these activities, rather than giving their money to me.  So, another scheme to stop working foiled...



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