Monday, June 11, 2018

World Schlock

It's a funny thing, but every four years I think that I'm going to enjoy the World Cup, yet by the time it actually arrives, I find that I'm not really interested.  Indeed, I frequently end up resenting the amount of time it takes up on TV and the resulting disruption to the schedules.  This a stark contrast to my younger days, when I looked forward to many of the matches, making sure thatmy personal schedule was synchronised with their kick off times.  Back then, the whole thing seemed to have a kind of carnival atmosphere, which I happily soaked up during the tournament.  It's hard to say when it changed for me, but, at some point, the sheen seemed to have worn off of the World cup, for me, at least.  It wasn't that England's performances (when they made the finals) got worse and worse  - like all Englishmen I'm used to that and, to be frank, expect it.  Perhaps it was the increasingly obvious FIFA corruption which surrounded the event, or the increased naked commercialisation of it all.  I don't know.  I just know that I stopped enjoying it.  As I said, every four years, for a while, I'm able to fool myself into thinking that I'm still enthusiastic about the World Cup, that this time it will be different and hold my attention.  But this false enthusiasm quickly dissipates and I find myself seeking alternative entertainment for the duration.

So, this time around I've been busy lining up some movies to watch (or rewatch), not all of them schlock, either.  But having something novel to watch is always a good when England are playing of course.  I remember that during England's opener against Italy in Brazil 2014, I was able to moderate the horrors of their performance by simultaneously watching the fake Terrance Hill/Bud Spencer movie (actually starring lookalikes Antonio Cantafora and Paul L Smith) We Are No Angels.  It was a cathartic experience.  This time around I've got some Italian cannibal movies lined up, not to mention a rewatch of Norman J Warren's Satan's Slaves.  I've been warming up for the main event by catching up with a slice of British schlock I've been trying to see for a while.  I don't want to spoil it, but suffice to say that once I've finished watching it, I'll hopefully be bringing you a write up of another dose Cliff Twemlow starring wholesomeness.  (From what I've seen so far -it's a cracker, better than his debut, GBH).  As I've said before, I really need to get to grips with writing up my recent schlock viewing.  Hopefully, the World Cup will give me the chance to do so.



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