Monday, May 28, 2018

Bank Holiday Monday Musings

I really must start doing more on bank holidays.  This is the second one this month where I've done bugger all.  That said, I'm off all week, so its a moot point, really - it's not as if this is te only day I'm going to have off of work for weeks, or even months.  So, sleeping through part of it and crashing on the sofa and watching crap on TV (in between some clearing up), doesn't feel like a wasted opportunity.  I must also start getting back to writing up the various schlock movies I've been watching.  I started getting back into my stride a few weeks ago, but ran out of steam again.  I'm afraid that I've had a lot of distractions lately.  But, to get back to the point, I've seen a good many schlocky movies of late - and some not so schlocky.  I recently caught up with The Last Valley for the first time in thirty-odd years, for instance: an unjustly forgotten and underrated movie from the early seventies.  I was able to watch it again courtesy of the excellent Talking Pictures TV, who continue to resurrect a plethora of undeservedly neglected movies.

Unlike other Freeview movies channels, which, increasingly, seem to be dedicated to screening the collected works of Steven Seagal and Jean Claude van Damme.  I find the latter's films preferable to the former's, but I'd really rather not watch too many of either.  But Sony Movie Channel, in particular, seems determined to show even the most obscure of Seagal's films.  The other day, for reasons too tedious to go into, I ended up watching most of a Seagal film called Code of Honor on said channel.  It was from his most recent era of movie making, where he sports that goatee beard and all his action scenes have to be carefully shot to hide the fact that he is too overweight and physically unfit to actually perform any martial arts moves.  Thankfully, he didn't have too much dialogue, but what on earth was that accent he was sporting meant to be?  As far as I could make out, the conclusion implied that Seagal had simply been the figment of another character's imagination.  Which is a truly terrifying thought - I mean, what kind of sick and twisted mind could imagine something like that?



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