Monday, May 14, 2018

Powerless in the Face of Cultural Appropriation

Another evening completely disrupted by Southern and Scottish Energy's inability to maintain power supplies to its customers.  Thankfully, this time it lasted less than an hour, but saw the entire town blacked out.  This is, of course, the third time in three weeks I've had my power supply disrupted and the fifth time this year.  It really is beyond a joke.  Every time I sit down in the evening and try to watch TV or do anything on line, I now fully expect the power to go off without warning just as I'm getting going.  Needless to say, tonight's planned post here has been postponed as my mood has been disrupted and I've effectively lost my thread.  As I've said before I'm either going to have to move house to somewhere with more reliable power supplies or install my own generator.  But enough of Southern and Scottish and their inability to maintain electricity supplies.  What else has been happening in the world?  Oh yes, the Eurovision Song Contest.  Apparently Israel won.  Which probably means that the song was crap.  But less crap than all the others.

But wait!  Apparently the winner is guilty of 'cultural appropriation' because, despite being Israeli, she wore a kimono and used various other Japanese motifs in her act!  Really?  For fuck's sake!  'Cultural appropriation' is just about the most idiotic non-concept I've seen deployed in many a year.  I mean, what are its proponents actually saying?  That no artist is allowed to take inspiration from any culture that they weren't actually born into?  That nobody is allowed to draw upon any cultural experience other tan their own in their artistic endeavours?  Utterly ridiculous.  Where will it end?  Look - there's a Japanese man wearing blue jeans and they are a product of US culture: cultural appropriation!  Presumably, all popular music produced in the UK since the 1960s should be banned because it mostly drew its inspiration from the work of black American musicians.  Cultural appropriation!  It really is another piece of pseudo-intellectual trendy bollocks that needs to be consigned to the dustbin of history as soon as possible.



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