Monday, May 07, 2018

Sunshine and Sofas

Time was that I would have felt the need to spend a beautiful sunny bank holiday like today out somewhere.  Walking up a hill or along a river bank.  Maybe even the beach.  But nowadays, just crashing on the sofa and relaxing, with the back door and windows open to let in the sun (not to mention my neighbour's cat), is sufficient.  If there is one thing I've learned this year, it is that recovering from serious illness takes a long time and requires a lot of relaxation and doing nothing.  The days (as recently as last year) when I thought it was sensible either to go to work regardless of feeling unwell, or to return as soon as I felt remotely better, are long gone.  Indeed, my recent return to week, despite being 'phased' over four weeks has, I suspect been too soon - I feel constantly tired and out of sorts.  My only consolation is the fact that I only have to survive it for another few weeks before I can enact my masterplan and jack it in, using the several weeks of paid leave I'll be entitled to once I enter my new 'leave year' in June, as notice.  After that, I intend taking a few weeks (possibly months) out before I attempt any return to the world of employment.

This four day weekend (I was off work on Friday, as well) has been a Godsend to me - not only have I managed to get a lot of much needed rest, but I've caught up with some more schlocky movies and made a start on some other stuff I've previously not had the strength to tackle.  Luckily, we've got another bank holiday coming up in a couple of weeks time, at the end of month.  Perhaps I'll take the opportunity then to get out in the sunshine (although, knowing my luck, it will pour with rain).  Maybe I'll fulfil an ambition and stumble across one of those porn shoots which always seem to be going on in the countryside.  You know what I mean: all those pictures of young women with their knockers out, posing by trees and the like in rural settings, that you see online.  I mean, there must be so many of them going on that I'm amazed that, in all of my country walks over the years, I've never come across one.  At any one time, there must be hundreds of women in their underwear draped over branches and fences in the countryside, with their accompanying armies of photographers, lighting technicians, dressers, make up artists and the like.  Yet, I've never yet come across a single such occurrence.  Which I find most perplexing.  Still, you never know - maybe next bank holiday I'll find one of these shoots...



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