Monday, October 09, 2017

That Autumnal Feeling

It definitely felt like Autumn today.  Granted, it still feels abnormally mild, but there was that hint of dampness in the air, not to mention the smell of fallen leaves.  In fact, it is the fallen leaves which are key to the Autumnal feeling: they seem to have reached a critical mass now - there are so many that it is possible to kick your way through them, the way we used to do when we were children.  There's nothing quite like that rustling sound you get when wading through piles of crisp fallen leaves.  The main thing missing at the moment is the smell of leaves smouldering on bonfires.  Back in the day they used to dispose of the leaves that way, after they swept them up.  It was the aroma of Autumn.  It probably isn't allowed nowadays - bonfires are generally frowned upon.  I've always liked Autumn, it lacks the glamour and laziness of Summer, or the freshness and optimism of Spring, but it is far friendlier than Winter. 

I suspect that my affinity for Autumn stems, at least in part, from the fact that it also ushers in the start of the academic year.  I have fond memories of the return to school, the nights gradually drawing in as you walked home afterwards, to the warm haven of your centrally heated home.  I spent so long in the academic world that, to this day, September feels as much like the start of the year to me as January does to everyone else.  I still take my holidays with half a mind to the academic year, timing the end of my Summer break to coincide with the start of the Autumn school term.  September always feels like a new beginning to me.  Which may be why, as the year starts to wind down, I find myself starting what is, in effect, an 'Autumn clean'.  The ennui which has gripped me for so long has left my house in a state of chaos.  To be brutally frank, it has left my entire life in a state of chaos, as I've found myself incapable of making any significant decisions.  That said, even if I had made a decision, I doubt that I would have had the energy to act upon it.  Anyway, over the weekend, I finally forced myself into action, carrying out some minor tidying up.  I'm determined to keep this momentum going and start clearing out a lot of the junk that has accumulated, room by room.  It could take some time.

I'm also forcing myself to make a decision on my car.  Its current MoT has less than two weeks to go and I have to decide whether I'm even going to try and get the car through it.  You might recall the problems and massive bill which resulted from the last trip to the garage.  What should have been a straightforward service turned into a nightmare.  I was left trusting neither garage nor car.  I can't face another bill like that, so I'm going to have to find someone to look the car over and give me an estimate to get it through another MoT.  If it seems exorbitant, then I'll have no choice but to part company with this car and buy a replacement.  If it doesn't seem too bad, then I'll still be looking for a new set of wheels, but will be able to take more time about it.  Obviously, I want to minimize outgoings on the current car, as anything I have to spend keeping it on the road will reduce what I can afford to spend on a replacement.  Once the car situation is sorted, I really must turn my attention to reviving various friendships and relationships I've neglected and allowed to lapse during my ennui.  Watch this space.

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