Monday, September 25, 2017

Not Quite the End of the World

Well, if the world ended on Saturday, then it must have done so very quietly, as I didn't notice it.  Disappointingly, things have just carried on as before.  I still had to go to work today.  I still had to do the ironing over the weekend.  I still had to take the rubbish out, as usual.  So, what have the nut jobs predicting the apocalypse for last Saturday have to say about it not happening?  Obviously, it's all a mistake.  They didn't mean that the world was going to end on 23 September.  They were misrepresented.  Apparently, it is all going to kick off in October.  A series of 'events' - which could include natural disasters, nuclear exchanges, plagues, all the old favourites, in fact - which will presage the actual end of the world.  Which is their way of saying that, having had their fingers burned once giving a definite date for the end of the world, they aren't going to be humiliated twice, instead remaining vague on the precise date of the apocalypse. 

So, it seems that we will all have to carry on, for a few months at least.  If nothing else, it will give me time to catch up with a few more masterpieces of schlock cinema.  I've already done a lot of that in recent weeks.  I've just wrapped up viewings of the Titan produced Peter Cushing oddity Corruption from 1968 and Amicus' 1967 science fiction effort They Came From Beyond Space, (which was originally released on a double bill with The Terrornauts, which I discussed here a while ago).  In due course I'll post about them here, along with my long overdue look at Pete Walker's House of Mortal Sin.  I've got another Amicus effort, The Skull, lined up for viewing, along with King Kong Lives, the sequel you never knew you needed to the remake you never knew you needed.  I might even give Tigon's Curse of the Crimson Altar a proper write up.  It's high time I got back to the schlock!



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