Monday, June 19, 2017

White Van Terror

It just never ends, does it?  On top of everything else, we now have actual white van men driving their vehicles into groups of Muslims.  But don't worry, he won't be a terrorist, he'll just be mentally ill.  I must admit that I heaved a sigh of relief when I finally saw the pictures of the idiot who was driving the van in last night's incident at Finsbury Park: I didn't know him.  For a moment, when the first details of the attack were emerging, I feared that it might have been someone I'd had the misfortune to encounter on election night.  I'm sure we've all had similar encounters - that drunk who crashes the conversation, derails it completely and just won't go away.  Or worse, as in the case of this guy, going away but keep coming back to derail the conversation again, after he'd been given short shrift by other groups of drinkers.  Anyway, the last time I saw him he was wandering off (having finally got the message that, despite our politeness, the group I was with really wanted him to piss off and stay pissed off) declaring how, the next day, he was going to go out and stab some Muslims, (this, don't forget. was only a few days after the London Bridge business).

Now, I know that there are undoubtedly a lot of drunken racists out there and, like this guy, many of them are also builders who probably have white vans, there was just something about this guy that worried me.  So, when I saw those reports last night, unable to sleep in the sweltering heat, I feared the worst.  It's a sad reflection of the current state of our society that not only do there seem to be large numbers of these reactionary idiots out there, but now we seriously suspect that they are actually capable of carry out their drunken threats.  To digress, have you noticed that every time one of these incidents occur, they are accompanied by the death of a much loved family entertainer?  Manchester bombing: Sir Roger Moore dies.  London Bridge attack: Peter Sallis dies.  Grenfell Tower fire: Anita Pallenberg dies.  Finsbury Park attack: Brian Cant dies.  It surely can't be coincidence, can it?  Is there a conspiracy at work here?  Is somebody offing celebrities from my childhood and using the aftermath of tragedies as a cover, so that nobody notices?  Even worse, is somebody staging these tragedies so as to 'bury the bad news' about the demise of these public figures?  Anything seems possible these days.

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