Friday, June 09, 2017

"The Rich C**ts are Shitting Themselves"

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  OK, I know it's early days, but that exit poll did me a power of good!  Best of all, it looks like it is, more or less, panning out.  Even if we don't get a hung parliament then, at the very least, the Tory bastards should only get, at the best, a small majority, which should hobble them somewhat and undermine May's standing in the party.  I was in the pub when the headline came up on our smartphones that the pound was falling on the international markets on the basis of that exit poll.  My friend Bob's reaction was: "The rich cunts are shitting themselves that all those fucking tax loopholes and tax havens are going to get shut down."  I'd dearly love to see that as a headline in the Financial Times.  But it sums up what this election has really been about: whether the country is run for the benefit of everyone, or just for the benefit of a wealthy minority, be they individuals or corporations.  If the exit poll is in any way accurate, then it seems opinion is swinging toward the former idea.  It also indicates that Labour can gain ground by campaigning on a centre left platform, rather than by trying to out do the Tories in terms of economic austerity.

Anyway, here's the bit where I admit that I was clearly wrong about Jeremy Corbyn.  I'm still not a supporter, I still have very real doubts about his leadership but, fair's fair, he's fought a good campaign and it seems to have paid dividends.  I said in an earlier post  that if Labour managed to force a hung parliament in this election, I'd take my hat off to Corbyn.  Well, the hung parliament still might not happen but, I'm prepared to give him a hat tip right now.  So, here's my hat, actually several of my hats, not on my head, but hung up on my coat hooks - I've taken them all off for Corbyn tonight:

Ah well, I think I'll go to bed now - the BBC are still trying to find some kind of evidence of Tory swings to contradict their own exit poll, but I think it's still safe to get some sleep.  I think that the rich cunts are still shitting themselves.

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