Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Corbyn Project?

OK, perhaps I've been too hard on Jeremy Corbyn,  So he's completely lost the plot over Brexit, failed to articulate any kind of coherent policies and is presiding over a disastrous slide in Labour's standing in the polls, but he's got a lot on his mind.  This 'courgette crisis' the UK is suffering has clearly got him perplexed.  I mean, the shortages of European courgettes caused by this winter's poor weather are a major issue - it could threaten the livelihoods of hundreds, if not thousands, of British courgette growers.  Moreover, there's the vexing question as to whether the courgette production on the allotments of small growers like himself can possibly meet the increased demand created by the courgette blight.  So it is no wonder he hasn't been able to focus on minor stuff like providing an effective opposition to the government.  That said, it seems that he might have hidden depths and could have been behind an audacious attempt to avert global disaster.

As we discovered in yesterday's post, effecting some kind of regime change in the US would take more than just assassinating President Trump - you'd also have get rid of just about everyone in his succession, which would require twelve assassinations, preferably carried out simultaneously.  Clearly, this would be a pretty tall order.  A pre-emptive strike, to avoid the Trump regime from taking power in the first place would be a better solution. Something along the lines of dropping a missile on Trump, in some kind of 'accident, before he ever got to the polls.  Except that it is too late for than now.  However, we've now learned that last June a test firing of one of the UK's Trident nuclear missiles off the coast of Florida went awry, with the missile heading toward the US instead of the Atlantic, before being destroyed.  could it be that this wasn't an accident, but rather an attempt to destroy Trump before he could become President?  Could it be that someone had set up a sophisticate Artificial Intelligence, linked up to the internet, with access to global defence systems, which analyses political, economic and environmental trends to identify long term threats to humanity?   Could it be that this AI identified Trump as a threat and took pre-emptive action against him, using that missile?

What's this got to do with Corbyn, I hear you ask.  Well, who else has had that much time on their hands?  Maybe this is what he's been doing rather than running the Labour party, in between attending to the courgette problem, that is.  This sort of 'universal safety system' would be right up his street - it would make major wars impossible as, if they posed sufficient threat to humanity, the AI could prevent the use of nuclear weapons, for instance.  Just the sort of thing a peacenik like Corbyn would like.  Remember that film, Colossus: The Forbin Project?   You know, the one where Dr Forbin creates a super computer which achieves sentience, links up with its Soviet counterpart and effectively imposes a 'benign' dictatorship upon humanity by threatening us with our own weapons?  Well, maybe that's what Corbyn has been up to - maybe he's not the complete waste of space he appears, but instead some kind of crazy scientist?  Perhaps we're about to find ourselves living in 'The Corbyn Project'? 

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