Friday, January 20, 2017

Trojan Horse

After yesterday's welcome diversion into the world of model railways, I feel a need to return, briefly, to the world of politics.  It must surely be obvious to everyone now that the whole Brexit thing is simply a Trojan horse for the right to completely tear up what's left of the Welfare State, reduce worker's rights, civil liberties and depress wages.  Any doubts must surely have been dispelled by Theresa May's recent pronouncements on Brexit, spurning the idea of trying to remain in the single market in some way and all the threats that if the UK can't get a satisfactory exit deal from the UK then we'll become some kind of low-tax economy to try and attract business.  Let's not forget that low taxes mean lower public revenues and fewer public services.  It's quite clear that the right-wing bastards see this as an opportunity to try and turn the UK into a Far East style sweat shop economy, where workers toil excessive hours for minimal wages in appalling working conditions with minimal legal protection.  But don't worry, I hear you say, the opposition will surely attempt to foil these plans, won't they?  Well, not while that waste of space Corbyn is leader of the opposition, they won't.

I know I've harped on about this at length in previous posts, but Corbyn really is utterly clueless.  He really doesn't seem to grasp the fact that in the EU referendum 'Leave; only narrowly won: 52% doesn't represent a landslide victory.  It certainly doesn't give the government a mandate to go for 'Hard Brexit' and risk the UK's economic future.  Nearly half of those who voted opted to remain.  We surely have the right to have our views represented and, ordinarily, one would expect the opposition to be doing this.  Instead, we have Corbyn spouting the same bollocks as the government about the referendum representing the 'will of the people' and threatening to apply a three line whip to Labour MPs to try and force them to vote for Article 50 to be invoked if and when there is a parliamentary vote.  Jesus Christ!  The man really is a joke!  You'd think that, as a self-proclaimed socialist, he'd be desperate to frustrate the government's right-wing vision of a future Britain at every juncture.  But no, he seems desperate to help them get started!  Idiot!

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