Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Sleazecast: Evil Spirit of Christmas

The web's least listened to podcast gets another seasonal airing.  This time around, The Sleazecast embraces the evil spirit of Christmas during this season of ill will.  Suzie Sleaze's English cousin uncovers the perils of the rogue Santas, we meet 'The Man Who Hates Christmas' and investigate the cruel sport of 'Santa Fighting', in which two Father Christmases fight to the death!  We also present a dire warning as to the peril posed by possessed Christmas trees and expose the sham of Santa's Seasonal Shed.  Unique cover versions of some Christmas classics are interspersed along the way!  A miserable Christmas to one and all

As ever,  you can download it here: The Sleazecast: Evil Spirit of Christmas, or listen to it using the Streampad bar at the bottom of the page.

Will The Sleazecast ever return to a regular schedule, or will we have to wait another year for the next one?  Who knows?  Certainly not me!



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