Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stress Free

Thankfully, the days start getting longer now that we've put the shortest day behind us.  Which is good news for those of us prone to depression - these gloomy, overcast days where darkness falls around four in the afternoon really aren't good for our mental health.  I'm feeling better already.  Although I suspect that has more to do with being off work until after the New Year.  I spent a lot of today, my first day of freedom, in bed.  It did me a power of good.  I feel so much better - it's amazing how many of those aches and pains and general feeling of unwellness are down to work-related stress.  I woke up today free of headaches, blocked sinuses and back pain.  Another indication, if I needed one, that I really do need a change of employment.  Still, I got a letter the other day informing me that the repayment half of my mortgage was now complete: I'm now paying only the interest on the half that my endowment should pay off at the end of April.  If nothing else, this has handily left me with extra money in my account during this, the most expensive month of the year.

Lest you think I was idle all day, when I did get up, I managed to make a start on some home repairs - I fixed the hot tap in the kitchen.  I also started a much needed clear out and clean up which, thanks to work, I just haven't had time to do previously. I even managed to make a start on stripping the paint off of that model railway locomotive I bought off of eBay a couple of months ago.  I decided to test out the stripper I'd bought from my local model shop out on the tender frames (I know I can get a replacement for this item at a reasonable price in the event of problems) - the results were very impressive, with the paint stripper taking it back down to the bare metal.  I'll turn my attention to the locomotive chassis next.  I've also got the joys of replacing the central heating system's valve actuator to look forward to in the days to come.  I know all of this might seem an incredibly mundane way to spend my time off from work, but, believe me, it is such a relief to be able to get on with some constructive, non-work related, activities. 



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