Monday, November 14, 2016

They Live, We Die

Apparently, global warming and climate change is a hoax, perpetrated by the Chinese.  According to President-elect Donald Trump, that is.  But of course he'd say that, in order to deflect attention from the fact that he and his ilk want global climate change.  In fact, it is essential for them.  Let's just pause for a moment and stop to think just what climate change is all about.  Which is factories and other industrial installations pumping vast amounts of noxious emissions into the earth's atmosphere.  Quantities which the global ecosystem simply cannot deal with.  Consequently, over time, the earth's atmosphere will become irrevocably changed.  Indeed, it will eventually become incapable of sustaining human life, or any other life for that matter.  Incapable of sustaining human life - but not necessarily some form of non-human life: life from another planet perhaps.  That's right people, global warming is a conspiracy, but one being perpetrated not by the Chinese or environmentalists.  Instead, it is being caused by aliens who walk among us.  Aliens to whom long-term exposure to our atmosphere would be fatal, so they are seeking to change our atmosphere as part of their long-term plot to colonise the earth.

You know its true.  Just think about it, who would benefit from a methane rich atmosphere other than aliens from a gas giant planet, like Jupiter, or Saturn?  Clearly, this is a long term plan and the aliens must have been infiltrating earth societies for decades, possibly even centuries, in order to put it into action.  For all we know, the entire industrial revolution could be down to their intervention.  Obviously, their most logical disguises will be that of wealthy industrialists and billionaire businessmen,  Clearly, they've managed to adopt some kind of human-like disguise, which allows relatively small numbers of them to live here in the short term.  Perhaps it involves surgery, or maybe they are using android bodies which contain the life support systems they need to survive here.  Whatever it is though, judging by Trump, they still haven't perfected the hair.  It's so blindingly obvious that Trump is not of this earth that I just don't know why people can't see through his policies and recognise them for what they are: a prelude to alien conquest.  Think about it: he's promoting racial and religious divisions, obviously hoping that large numbers of us will kill each other in a blood bath of hatred to make their subjugation of humanity easier.  As for his promises to get America's industry working again - a clear precursor to the final coup de grace against humanity: lots of factories belching pollution into the atmosphere, bringing the point at which it becomes noxious to us, but palatable to them, closer! 

(That's right folks, I watched John Carpenter's They Live again over the weekend.  A movie which posited these ideas about the ruling capitalist elites a couple of decades ago.  If only we had some of those glasses 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper found in the movie...)

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