Monday, October 10, 2016

Bleating Middle Class Tossers

Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em all!  As a friend of mine used to say.  Said friend also came up with the idea of the 'Fuck You Bus', to be deployed when you finally handed in your resignation to a particularly shitty employer.  On your last day, you should hire an open topped double decker bus, with 'Fuck You' written in huge letters on the sides, where the banner ads usually go, and drive it round and round your place of work, whilst mooning from the top deck, he reckoned.  I was put in mind of my friend's wise words this weekend when I had the misfortune to encounter some Twitter bleatings by one of those 'right on' middle class faux socialists.  They were ranting on about the 'slide into fascism' the recent Toey conference seemed to presaging.  Their every Tweet was prefixed with the words 'Fuck You' and berated the Tories for being, well, right wing bastards, and people who voted for them for being blind and the media for being both complicit and complacent.  You get the picture.  My first reaction was 'Wow, you've only just realised that UK politics is taking a dangerously extreme right-wing turn?  Some of us have been warning about this since before the financial crash back in 2008'.  

Which, of course, leads directly to my second reaction, which is to note how arrogant these middle class faux socialists are in assuming that they are the only ones who can see what is happening and the rest of us need to be woken up to this clear and present danger by them shouting 'Fuck you'.  Moreover, I object to their implication that the rest of us are responsible for this situation because we haven't been shouting 'Fuck you'.   Well, in that case 'Fuck you', middle class tossers.  Fuck you for being so arrogant.  Fuck you for thinking that you've just invented left wing radicalism.  Most of all, fuck you for ensuring that the slide into right wing authoritarianism will continue unchecked, because you and your ilk have effectively deprived us of any credible political opposition.  Yeah, that's right, fuck you for voting Corbyn back in as Labour leader - a living, breathing waste of space long on so-called principles, but short on actual leadership and effective opposition.  So, yeah, fuck you, because I can guarantee that you are a Corbyn groupie, dismissing anyone else on the left who dares to try and actually mount any kind of actual opposition to the Tories as a 'Blairite'.

And while I'm on the subject of telling people 'Fuck You', I was reading over the weekend that pioneering US test pilot and World War Two fighter ace Chuck Yeager had dismissed the British as being 'Nasty and arrogant.  Apparently, when he was over here during the war 'saving' us Brits, he didn't like the fact that we didn't show him enough humility.  Well, fuck you, Yeager.  Maybe the Brits you encountered didn't realise they needed saving - they'd already been fighting a war against the Nazis for several years before you arrived and, despite being bombed, starved and suffering all round deprivation, were doing OK.  Personally, I think he's still pissed over the fact that the fifties UK movie The Sound Barrier showed a (fictional) British pilot being the first to break the sound barrier instead of him. (Yeager's breaking of the sound barrier in the X-1 was still classified at the time - nobody knew it had happened).  Get over it - it was only a bloody film.  So fuck you, you nasty and arrogant bastard.  Finally, fuck you Slimstats for taking The Sleaze offline for hours today because the latest update of your Wordpress plugin was faulty.  Fuck you and your shitty plugin.

Fuck 'em.  Fuck 'em all!



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