Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spam Free New Year's Eve

Earlier this week I had several spam free days.  Spam as in unsolicited emails, obviously, rather than the processed meat.  It was if all those Generals and the like in Nigeria had taken Christmas and stopped trying to get my help to unlock their bank accounts.  As well they might, as the banks were closed for days with all those bank holidays.  But the last couple of days it's been back.  I had a similar experience with the nuisance phone calls - the one on the landline yesterday was the first since Christmas Eve and my mobile number hasn't bee troubled  since the 21st of December.  Mind you, I have to say that when I do get spam these days it is rarely of the traditional penis enlargement, Viagra or Nigerian bank scam types.  These days I get pestered by 'mature' dating sites and, most recently, by people claiming that they can hook me up with beautiful 'milfs'.  Do I really come over as being that desperate?  I mean, is this what we've come to - the assumption that when a man reaches a certain age and is still single, the only women he can hope to attract are single mothers and divorcees with children?  (Not that I necessarily have anything against either of those groups, but you know what I mean - this sort of spam just makes it seem so sad and sordid).

But what am I doing dribbling on about spam, I hear you cry - it's New Year's Eve, for God's sake, you should be doing some kind of retrospective of 2015, or speculating wildly about 2016.  Ah, but everyone else will be doing that, so why should I waste my time in duplicating their effort?  I'm tired of doing the same old thing here every New Year's Eve.  Damn it, if anyone's interested as to what happened here in 2015, they can just look back through the archives.  As for next year -let it be a surprise and not try to second guess it.  Of course, some people have already landed in 2016, so have some idea of what it holds in store already.  Thanks to the vagaries of international time zones, people out in the Far East and Australia are, to all intents and purposes, living a few hours in the future: for them, 2016 is here.  We're living in the past.  But back to the present - our GMT present, that is - right now the main thing perplexing me about the transition from 2015 to 2016 is whether or not to go down to my local to see the New Year in.  The main deciding factor is going to be the weather - earlier it was horrendous, but seems to have calmed down now.  So, I'll wait and see what it is doing in a couple of hours time before making a final decision.  So, it only remains to wish those of you haven't already entered 2016 a happy New Year.

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