Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another Christmas Eve

So, here we are. Christmas Eve.  The day itself, which everyone has been exhausting themselves preparing for is only hours away.  The shops have shut, so if you haven't managed to buy it now, you'll have to do without until they reopen.  Which seems like it will be an eternity, but in reality, many will be open again on Boxing Day.  I've been off work since about five thirty on Tuesday and I've already lost track as to which day of the week it is, which simply adds to the sensation of normal time being suspended, which you often experience over holiday periods.  All my preparations are now done - decorations up, sausage rolls cooked, beer supplies stocked up and presents dispatched - so I'm on my sofa, drinking tea, eating cheese and crackers and watching Mondo Cane again, still captivated by Riz Orlotani's magnificent musical score. 

I have to say that I'm feeling pretty smug at the moment.  Not only did I have all my essential seasonal provisions bought well in advance this year, but, unlike last Christmas, when I was felled by an extremely bad cold the weekend before, I actually completed my seasonal web publishing plan.  Not only did I get the annual Crapchester Christmas lights video up, but I also managed to complete a Christmas-themed story for The Sleaze and, most incredibly, record an all-new episode of 'The Sleazecast'.   You can find the latter - 'A Sleazecast Christmas Carol' - over on the Overnightscape Central.  I'll eventually get around to posting it properly here.  It's hard to believe that producing twenty five minutes of audio can be so time-consuming, but I was up to four in the morning Tuesday into Wednesday night editing the last few segments so that I would be able to assemble the whole thing next afternoon. 

So, I've done all the hard work, I spent the afternoon watching It's a Wonderful Life and getting all emotional over it again, (partly out of guilt, for the way in which I'd cannibalised a radio version of it to produce some puerile smut for the aforementioned podcast), and now I'm contemplating whether to go out or not.  I haven't yet decided.  But if I do, I think I'll head to my local for the first time in years on Christmas Eve.  Last year I got dragged out by an acquaintance who insisted on going to a pub halfway across town where we didn't know anyone and which closed early.  Not my idea of Christmas Eve fun.  So, before I go, do I have any pithy seasonal thoughts to share?  Not really, no.  Just try to kick back and enjoy yourselves - and if you lower your expectations about Christmas, as I eventually learned to do, that will be much easier.  After all, so what if it doesn't all go to plan and isn't 'perfect'?  It doesn't really matter.  See you on the other side folks.  Happy Winterval.

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