Friday, December 11, 2015

Fairly Smart TV

So, I finally connected my new Smart TV to the internet last night.  I'm still not sure whether it was worth the effort - the IPTV channels and interactive services it has given me access to are hardly inspiring.  Sure, I could now try my month's free trial of Netflix but, to be frank, I've never found any of their line-up particularly inspiring: a lot of the films and TV series they have are stuff I've seen free-to-air many times and wouldn't be prepared to pay to see again and their original series seemed to be aimed at a different audience to me.  Apparently I could access Twitter on my TV now - I have to ask, why?  I already access it on my phone and laptop and it is beginning to drive me up the wall on both of those devices.  The problem is that you end up following people who seemed quite reasonable at first, but then start filing your Twitter stream with their increasingly irritating and ill informed opinions. 

The trouble is that I feel uncomfortable with the idea of unfollowing them.  I mean, it just seems so rude, the online equivalent of shouting 'Just shut the fuck up!" at someone in the middle of a conversation which they are dominating with their inane chatter.  Which is why I thank the gods of Twitter for the 'mute' function, which allows you to block someone's tweets from your timeline without having to unfolow them - they'll never know you've done it!  I'm convinced that most of the people who follow me have muted my tweets.  Anyway, I'm about to mute a couple more of my followers - perhaps without their shit popping up on my timeline I'll find Twitter less irritating.

Anyway, where was I before that digression?  The interactive services on my Smart TV, wasn't it?  The best thing I've found so far is that I can now watch You Tube on my TV.  Which means that I can see those dodgy and illegally uploaded obscure films I keep finding there on a decently sized screen, rather than squinting at them on my laptop.  Even better, I can now watch my own home movies on widecreen TV.  And I have been watching them on TV.  At risk of sounding arrogant, I have to say that they look pretty damn good on that thirty two inch screen.  Which is testament, not to my film-making skills, but to the quality of the inexpensive pocket camcorder that many of them were shot on: the resolution and picture quality is remarkably good.  Not only that, but I can at last say that I've been on TV.  Which is a huge boost to my ego. 

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