Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Sleazecast Christmas Carol

It's been a long, long time, but here it is: an all new edition of 'The Sleazecast', the first in over a year.  It uses a similar format to the last couple I completed and, as befits the time of year, has a Christmas theme.

For something that only runs twenty five minutes, I have to say that it seemed to take an inordinate amount of time to record, sequence and edit together.  It didn't help that, having updated my laptop to Windows 10, I found that the new operating system didn't support the older SAPI4 synthetic voices (one of which was the robot voice I previously used for Johnny Sexbot) - in fact, it doesn't seem to want to support anything other than the two voices the narrator software comes with.

So, faced with the choice either of trying to get my faulty old Windows 7 laptop up and running again, so as to access the older voices, or to find some kind of makeshift solution using the current machine, I opted for the latter.  Using Audacity, I was able to manipulate the male narrator voice to make it sound more robotic.  It still doesn't really sound like Johnny Sexbot but, bearing in mind that he exploded at the end of 'Unlucky for Some', my explanation is that this is the new, improved, Johnny Sexbot 2.0.   

I must confess that the Johnny Sexbot sequences are a bit rough and ready - I just didn't have sufficient time to finesse them as I normally would, as I wanted to be sure of getting the programme up onto the Overnightscape Underground before Christmas. Speaking of which, the Overnightscape Underground is currently the new home of 'The Sleazecast', as they very kindly re-ran the older editions there, I felt I should give something back. 

Anyway, you can hear 'A Sleazecast Christmas Carol' here, meanwhile, as I normally do, here's a track listing:

1: Opening Titles

2: Sexbot of Christmas Past (featuring Orson Welles as Scrooge);

3: Ghost Story for Christmas: The Stalls of Crapchester (part one);

4: Alarmist News: Santa's White Supremacist Christmas? (part one);

5: Sexbot on 34th Street

6: Ghost Story for Christmas: The Stalls of Crapchester (part two);

7:  Alarmist News: Santa's White Supremacist Christmas? (part two);

8: Ghost Story for Christmas: The Stalls of Crapchester (part three);

9: Alarmist News: Santa's White Supremacist Christmas? (part three);

10: It's a Wonderful Sexbot (featuring James Stewart);

11: Scrooge: The Morning After (featuring Orson Welles as Scrooge)

12: Closing Titles

So, there you go, the sixteenth Sleazecast (or seventeen, if you include that 'I for Illusion' special, which wasn't really a 'Sleazecast' proper).  Will there be more?  Hopefully, yes.  Provided that I have the inspiration, inclination and time, of course.

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