Thursday, June 11, 2015

Naked England

I still haven't tracked down a full version of this truly magnificent looking Mondo, so this tantalising English Language trailer will have to suffice for now.  Really, it speaks for itself.   It's an Italian perspective of England in the tail end of the swinging sixties (it was released in 1969).  I'm always fascinated by outsiders' views of England, bearing in mind he way we like to stereotype foreigners. Clearly the Italians thought that the country was a hotbed of decadence hiding behind that front of respectability we like to present to the world.  It's all here: sex, drugs, violence and even trepanning.   All related to us by the sneering narration of Edmund Purdom, who made something of a career out of providing the voice overs for the English language versions of Mondos after he went to live in Italy after giving up on Hollywood.  But I've said enough and I'll leave you to marvel at Naked England and ponder over what other delights the full movie might have to offer.  (Once again, if you know where I can obtain a full version of this movie, even in Italian, let me know).



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