Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Enforced Idleness

OK, the cistern is fixed, the cistern supplies shop which had miraculously appeared in Crapchester did indeed have the part I needed.  Fitting it turned out to be just about the most constructive thing I did today.  The whole business with the cistern, then the mattress-spring inflicted injury to my back, have resulted in all my plans for this week off of work going out of the window.  With my back still painful and not wanting to risk opening up the cut, I've had to avoid any activities too strenuous.  So the garden is still running amok and I haven't been climbing up step ladders to paint bits of the spare room and kitchen.  Apart from a leisurely walk in country this afternoon, fixing the cistern was as energetic as it got for me today.  Of course, I probably shouldn't be complaining about not being able to do stuff like gardening and decorating during my week off.  After all, time off work should be about relaxing and doing bugger all. 

I did do some more on line research into a replacement bed and mattress and hope to have that sorted out in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, I count every night that I sleep on the old bed and mattress without being stabbed again as a triumph.  I suppose that I should really be using this period of enforced physical inactivity to do something constructive, like starting to build that website devoted to schlock movies that I keep threatening to launch.  Or, I could try getting back to recording my own podcasts, rather than just contributing to other people's.  I certainly have sufficient material for another edition of 'Schlock Treatment' (or 'Schlock Express', depending on which title I settle on) and I've got a lot of the segments I'd need for another 'Sleazecast'.  So there really is no excuse for idleness, although I'll probably still indulge in it over the next few days.



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