Friday, May 29, 2015


That Sepp Blatter, eh?  Multiple investigations into corruption at FIFA, including one by the FBI, senior officials arrested, long-running allegations of misconduct with regard to the world cup bidding process, disharmony amongst the member associations, all happening on your watch, so what do you do?  Just shrug and say it had nothing to do with you - damn it, you can't be expected know what every individual employed by FIFA is up to all the time can you?  So it would be unreasonable to expect you to resign or, at the very least, withdraw your nomination for the next presidential election, wouldn't it?  Incredibly, a majority of FIFA affiliates would seem to agree, as the bastard has just been re-elected for another term as FIFA president.  But we really shouldn't be surprised, as we live in an age where nobody in charge of anything is expected to actually take responsibility for anything bad that happens in their organisations.

I mean, just look at the banks - their activities result in a global economic meltdown and what happens? Do senior bankers resign?  Do they face legal sanctions?  Do they, at the very least, face internal disciplinary action?  Of course not,  Instead their political friends spin some yarn about the crash actually being the result of the last Labour government's spending plans in order to divert the public's attention, then impose economic measures which ensure the very poorest and must vulnerable end up paying for the recession, while said bankers award themselves bonuses and find new ways to screw the system by manipulating the Libor rate.  It was the same with the likes of Serco and G4S failing to fulfil the government contracts they bid for - were their bosses repentant?  Did they repay the money they'd taken?  Of course not.

I was half-watching Watchdog yesterday, when an item came up about private parking enforcement companies and their blatant disregard for consumers' legal rights.  'Can it be right that companies can be allowed to behave like this toward people?' they wailed.  Welcome to Cameron's Britain, I thought, where the interests of private capital take precedence over those of private citizens.  Surely they must have noticed this sort of thing going on before?  And the worst thing?  A significant proportion of those bastards complaining about these parking privateers gone wild must have voted Tory, thereby enabling the companies in the first place.  Take responsibility for your actions, for God's sake!  But this lack of responsibility extends to the government.  Did George Osborne actually achieve any of the economic targets he set back in 2005?  Nope.  But that didn't stop the Tories from gaining a majority in the election earlier this month.  Failure rewarded by the voters.  Just like Blatter and FIFA.  When will people learn? Democracy doesn't work!   

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