Monday, May 04, 2015

The Other Side of the Long Weekend

My unilateral decision to take Friday afternoon off and go poking around second hand bookshops has contributed to me seriously losing track of time this bank holiday weekend.  In addition to that extra afternoon and the bank holiday itself, I also had all of Sunday to myself as, unusually, I wasn't off visiting relatives.  Consequently, I had to keep reminding myself that yesterday wasn't Monday and that today wasn't Tuesday.  To add to my confusion, I've got tomorrow off as well, (although there's still a part of me that would dearly love to not bother going back to work at all after the events which precipitated my going AWOL on Friday afternoon).  Anyway, confusion aside, I had a lot of plans for this long weekend, most of which were blown off course because of my state of mind with regard to work.  So, instead of continuing my decorating and repair work in the kitchen and spare room, I ended up drinking beer and watching a lot of movies.  Not only did I finally get around to watching a double bill of British seventies smut on DVD which I'd been given as a birthday present, but I also caught several Terence Hill/Bud Spencer comedies from the seventies and eighties, before settling down to revisit some British horror classics from the sixties and early seventies.  All of which has been a mellowing experience.

Mellow enough to start formulating a strategy for dealing with the work situation.  I still need to get some more advice, but at least now the options are clearer in my mind than they were on Friday.  The knee-jerk reaction of simply walking out is clearly not the best (although it would be the most immediately satisfying).  I've got to try and play, if not a long game with the bastards, a medium one which will get me to the short-term goal of paying off my mortgage (now less than two years away if circumstances don't change).  Once that's done, then I've got far more room for manoeuvre as it will effectively give me the upper hand as I will have divested myself of my main financial commitment.  But we've still a way to go until I can secure my position sufficiently to be sure of achieving this goal.  In the meantime, I've still got another day off to enjoy.  Although, 'enjoy' might not be right word - I've got to be up early to deliver the car to the garage for a service, (which is bound to end up costing me an arm and a leg - I can just feel it), then, whilst I await its return, get on with that delayed decorating work.  Mind you, it's still better than having to go into the office.  Besides, I'm also buoyed by the knowledge that it's only a couple of weeks until the next bank holiday, when I have the entire week off. 



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