Thursday, April 23, 2015

Taken for Idiots

It's OK fellow public service workers - we won't have to face any more pay freezes (actually a pay cut in real terms) after the next election.  At least, that's what Nick Clegg has promised us - if he manages to sneak into power either by either enabling another right-wing Tory government or by pleading with Labour to let them form a coalition.  In view of everything that has happened to the public sector over the past five years that he has been in government - the spending cuts, the continuous running down of manpower levels, the assault on public service provision and the relentless abuse directed at public servants - we can only assume that Clegg thinks that those of us left in public service are complete and utter idiots.  It's amazing how some politicians suddenly start expressing their love for us when they think they might need our votes.  If the past five years has taught us anything, it is that Clegg can't be trusted - he's prepared to renege on just about any Lib Dem manifesto pledge if it gets him a fancy, yet meaningless, job title and an illusion of being in government.

Still, Nick hasn't been the only party leader coming out with bizarre utterances this week.  We've also had UKIP's Nigel Farage reassuring us that he isn't a racist - he prefers Indians to Poles when it comes to immigration.  I'm glad that he's cleared that up - some brown people aren't as bad as some white foreigners.   Apparently it's all down to those glorious days of Empire when people in the Indian sub-continent were 'our' Asians.  Damn it, at least they speak English, unlike those bloody Poles, eh?  Personally, I think his newly revealed affinity for the Indians goes far beyond the Imperial connection.  let's not forget that the Indians are one of the Aryan races (just like the Germans and Nigel's wife just happens to be German), whereas the Poles are Slavic.  Not that I'm implying anything here, obviously, but Farage did also say this week that some things had to be said in terms which might offend in order to get the message across.  So, in that spirit:  Nigel, you are an obnoxious, small minded bigot and a hypocrite to boot.  Fuck Off.



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