Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Message

All the religious types - Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury, David Cameron - have given the world their Easter messages, so I figured that it must be my turn now.  Ok, I know I'm leaving it late as Easter is nearly over, but what the Hell, I'm off work for the rest of the week, so, for me, the Easter break continues until then.  This is just the beginning.  But enough of the preamble; let's get down to business.  Whilst the Pope and the Bish have called for an end to the persecution of Christians, I'd like to be a bit more inclusive and call for an end to persecution of anyone.  Really, there's just too much hate in the world these days.  Truth to be told, there always has been.  It's just that these days, thanks to modern media, we're just more aware of it.  And it's all so senseless, generally based upon ignorance and bigotry.  Why hate and persecute people just because they have a different set of beliefs or lifestyle to yours?  Even if they are Nazis or child molesters, surely we should pity them for being their morally reprehensible belief systems and behaviour.  Believe me, pity is a far more potent weapon than hate in the face of extremism - they want you to hate them, to react to their bile because if you do so, then they've achieved one of their aims: to force us into taking refuge in irrationality,  Pity, by contrast, disarms them - they have no answer to it.

But enough of the airy-fairly live they fellow man stuff - I have another message this Easter for certain persons out there: the would be hackers who periodically make unsuccessful attempts to hack my website. In particular, I'd like to address some comments to the clown who spent most of the weekend using a Ukrainian IP address to hammer The Sleaze in a brute force attack on the site login (you know who you are): give it a fucking rest, pal.  I know that you are using an automated system, but even so, most vaguely competent hackers know that once their IP has been blocked from accessing the site, it's waste of their time and pretty quickly give up and point their software somewhere else.  But not you - oh no, my logs showed that you just carried on for another twenty four hours, wasting my bandwidth.  To make it worse, you weren't even hitting the actual login page, you'd simply made an assumption as to its URL and were actually getting a 404 response for hours before you were blocked. Jesus!  As if hackers aren't bad enough in the first place, it now seems I have to deal with incompetent wankers as well!  So there's the other bit of my Easter message: hackers fuck off.  You people really are worth hating.  Anyway, Easter messages aside, I hope everyone had a good Easter.  Mine was relatively quiet: chocolate was consumed, beer was drunk, relatives visited and the week's DIY projects commenced.  Hopefully, the rest of the week will go as smoothly.

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